Conference speakers

Alicia May Morton

Money, Mindset & Confidence Coach

Alicia is an expert multi 6 figure Money, Mindset & Confidence Coach that has worked with thousands of clients across the world to create unshakeable confidence and untapped abundance in their lives. From stepping into a new career, to creating consistent 4 to 5 figure months – these are just some of the transformations she’s created for the people she works with. Alicia uses energy work in her own daily practices and teaches her clients how to shift their mindset and create space to ATTRACT to become MAGNETIC & create the life of their dreams FASTER than they ever imagined was possible. She’s developed her own signature methods & techniques to combine and align feminine flow with masculine self-mastery. Alicia worked her way up the ladder starting out as a PA for 4 years in banking. Her last role was a Senior Leadership position in Lloyds Banking Group, with 10 years experience working in the Financial Services Industry. Alicia decided to take the opportunity of redundancy with both hands and go all in on her business. Having worked with money for over a decade she’s so passionate about raising the wealth & impact of her clients.