Cara Birkett

Conference speakers

Cara Birkett

Presentation Consultant

Cara helps Sales Professionals to grow their business by providing virtual assistance on their time-consuming tasks. This covers three areas – Classic VA, social media, and her favourite, PowerPoint.

Cara is a PowerPoint expert, a Power Queen as she likes to call herself.  So when she was niching down and deciding how to shape her VA business, she knew PowerPoint was a skill she wanted to offer and to teach, to show everyone how amazing PowerPoint really is.

Most people think PowerPoint is old fashioned and boring to use but it is a fantastic platform. The amazing tools within PowerPoint mean you can be extremely creative using text, images, animation, transitions, and music to tell your story and capture your audience.

Cara teaches her clients to use PowerPoint drawing on her years of experience and real-life examples. She will show you the simple ways to navigate your way around the application and show you all the PowerPoint shortcuts you will ever need!